Our pricing is very simple. Our Essential plan will cover all but the most prolific automators.

Essential plan

$399 /month


Receive up to 5 hours of our hands-on expertise for free, when you pay annually.

Our basic package is more comprehensive than most enterprise plans.

  • Create up to 25 Automation tasks
  • Send up to 100,000 emails + 1000 SMSes
  • Unlimited recipient list size
  • All functionality, including emails, SMS, reporting and webhooks
  • Phone & Email support

We won’t start billing you until your first automation is activated.

Enterprise customers, if you need a bigger plan, let’s talk.

Installation, customization & additional services

  • Expert installations
  • Technical consultations
  • Marketing guidance
  • Advanced technical support
  • Email template design, coding and copywriting
  • Custom segmentation filters
  • Custom integrations

Partner with Captivate Automation

We offer special rates to agencies and resellers. If you’d like to learn more about partnering with us, please get in contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my system suitable?

It is if you run an ecommerce store, or have an app, CRM or CMS that has a database of users. We currently support systems connected to MySQL databases, but we are always looking to expand into different platforms, so regardless of your software stack we can probably help you.

Does Captivate alter my database?

No. Captivate will never write to or alter your database. Captivate requires read-only access.

Do I need to alter my code-base

Not at all. Our Remote Module is self-contained and provides all the code you need. There’s no need to litter your software with our proprietary code, as you do with other systems.

How do you handle security?

When the Remote Module is installed, we configure it to only receive requests from and send responses to Captivate’s server using a whitelist.

We issue you an API key and an encryption key which you in-turn set in the module configuration, this key is used ensure the request comes from Captivate and if so the encryption key is used to decrypt the request.

Requests for data from Captivate to the Remote Module use a custom request structure that can only be interpreted by the Remote Module. Captivate does not write to your database or alter it in anyway. We suggest configuring the database user to have only read-access. We also require that your server uses SSL.

Can I install and customize Captivate Automation myself?

Yes. To save money, you or your tech team are able to install and customize the Remote Module to work with Captivate. We provide in-depth installation documentation. There may be some things we’ll need to help you with, but depending on the scope, we won’t charge.