Automating SMS Messages

Enable the SMS action in your task dashboard to access the SMS admin panel, within the ‘Actions’ tab. This is where you define your SMS template and automation schedule.


Dynamic Fields

The template can include dynamic fields. To see a list of available fields click the ‘Dynamic Fields’ button. The dynamic fields available to your are determined by which ‘Data Fields’ you’ve selected. The code snippets that look like this {{ users::firstname }} can be copy/pasted into your message template to be replaced with real data before the message is delivered.


The ‘To’ field must contain a dynamic field relating to a user’s phone number. The ‘From’ column has a 10 character limit. Messages are limited to 140 characters, some people can receive longer messages, some will receive the message in multiple parts, but some won’t receive anything more than 140 characters, so we suggest keeping it below this number to ensure everyone can see the full message.


This is where you define the schedule for running your automation tasks.


The Actions that you set up for a task are responsible for scheduling the task to run. Each action sets the task to run on an independent schedule – when run, the segment data is fetched and passed only to the Action component which scheduled it, so it can be processed. This means you could send SMSes following one schedule and send email or Webhooks on a different schedule, using the same segmentation filters.

For tasks that monitor user activity in real-time then it’s useful to set the schedule to run every 5 or so minutes (and set your filters to segment by 10 minute blocks). Other tasks might only need to run daily or weekly or monthly.

You can set a restriction so that if the automation task runs frequently, and someone meets the segment criteria more than once, they get excluded from the successive segments – they won’t get the same text message again. With the timing restrictions we can exclude someone from falling into the segment criteria until either it makes sense to receive the text message again or they naturally fall out of the segment criteria.