Captivate Automation’s main goal is to make it easy to access and use all the insightful data being generated and stored in your database. Often it’s hard to extract intel from your database. CRMs and eCommerce stores and apps collect a ton of useful information but often don’t provide the interface to help you get at it and use it to full advantage.

How do you build custom graphs to visualize important numbers? How do you manage contacting all your users, prior to or after, an event or anniversary with timely information? How do you monitor your customers and make sure you reward your most loyal and nurture the high-potentials? How do you text someone to remind them about an appointment? These are the sort of things Captivate excels at.

Now you don’t need a team of database specialists to segment your database. We provide the UI to do it yourself, but we go a step further by giving you the tools to automate the things you do with those segments. Emails, text-messages, report building, social media interactions, traditional mail, app notifications, API webhook calls – Captivate Automation helps you segment your database and then use the data to great effect.

Captivate requires a small amount of work to install and configure. We provide all the service and support you might need, but we also provide instructions so that you or your tech team can handle it yourselves.

Read our Getting Started guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Captivate Automation right for my business?

Our service is designed to simplify the process of getting data and intel from your database and using it in comms and reports. Normally that’s a manual process that involves a database specialist exporting/importing data between programs. If you have an ecommerce store, CRM, CMS, a custom app, or it otherwise makes sense to automate your communications and have better insight into your user’s activities, then Captivate is probably a great option.

If you’re just looking to blast out emails to your entire database once a week or month, there are better-suited platforms than Captivate. But if you want to segment your database in ways not previously possible and automate targated marketing, customer service and workflow, Captivate will likely be right up your alley. If you’re unsure just ask us and we’ll gladly point you in the right direction.

What does Captivate Automation do best?

A few things. We make it easy to:

  • Segment and extract useful data from your database, either to a schedule or any time you choose.
  • Automatically react to user activity in your database, such as registrations, purchases and billing cycles.
  • Send follow up messages leading-up-to or after special events and anniversaries, and triggered by customer actions.
  • Create graphs and regular reports of important measurables hidden in your database.

What do I need to use Captivate?

We install a small PHP module on your web server which plugs in to your SQL-based database, so if you have a Linux server with at least PHP 5.3 and an MySQL5, SQLite or PostgreSQL database then Captivate will work.

We can also create custom installs that work with other systems, if you’re running a different platform than this let’s talk.

What happens if I decide to go ahead?

Once you create an account, either our tech wizards or yours need to install and configure the Remote Module on your server. This lets us hook our systems together. We also need to configure email and SMS actions so they send from the right addresses/numbers.

After that you can start creating automation tasks. This involves setting segment rules and creating templates for the communication channels you’d like to use.

Once everything is ready and tested, and everyone’s happy, we can activate the automation tasks. You regular billing cycle doesn’t begin until you activate your first automation.