Unleash the business intel locked up in your database. Put it to work.

Captivate draws insightful customer data from your CRM and ecommerce platforms through a silky-smooth interface to help you visualize, track and communicate with highly-targeted segments of your user-base.

Nurture leads into happy customers quicker

Boost engagement, conversion & spend among your users

Reward your best customers & enjoy great brand loyalty

How We Work For You

We connect securely with your database, allowing you to design and build powerful customer segments with real-time data.

No more exporting and manipulating data manually. It can now all be managed through one powerful dashboard, which makes it easy to automate communications and track customer behaviour.

Design automation tasks

Create automations by simply specifying:

  • The criteria by which to segment your users; such as 'everyone who signed up 5 day ago'
  • How often to search your database for people fitting those criteria
  • Templates for creating personalized emails, text messages, tracking reports, social media comms and api calls.

Learn more about designing automation tasks.

Powerful segmentation

Send highly targeted communications to your users based on:

  • Personal attributes and preferences
  • Historic sales activity
  • Significant dates, birthdays, anniversaries
  • Interactions with your CRM/CMS/Ecommerce system
  • Membership levels, groups, status
  • Where they live or work
  • Custom events/interactions

And much more. Learn more about segmenting your users.

Run to your schedule

Captivate will search your database as often as you like to find people who match the segmentation rules at the time it's run.

Set a regular interval or schedule the time of day, week, month or year to run automation tasks and watch as Captivate gets to work on your behalf.

Send personalised emails, text messages, letters and more

Create rich templates that contain dynamic-fields, which are merged with each user's real info and delivered every time a task is run.

  • Send stunning HTML emails and short, effective text messages:
    • Personalised to each user, using dynamic fields and if/else conditions
    • Upload & embed images and PDFs in your emails
    • Track deliveries, opens and clicks
    • We take care of delivery, unsubscribes and web-versions
  • Send traditional mail such as bills, statements and direct mail campaigns
  • Communicate directly with customers through social media
  • Integrate with all your other cloud-based business tools using webhooks and events
  • We can customise Captivate to add additional functionality based on your business needs

Monitor activity, get statistics and generate reports.

  • Get an overview of what Captivate is doing for you. Keep an eye on message deliveries, opens, click-tracking and custom events.
  • Extract information about user activity in ways that e-commerce, CRM, CMS and EDM systems don't.
  • Create meaningful reports and export as spreadsheet or pdf files.
  • Automate away time-sapping manual tasks, streamline your business processes and integrate with tools around the web.

Learn more about creating insightful reports.

We become your team

Tailored solutions

We like to know our clients and form long-term partnerships. We adapt our software to serve each business uniquely. We don't restrict the number of tasks you can set up, we prefer to charge based on what it costs to deliver, so we bill hourly for installation and customisations, with tiered monthly fees to cover email & sms deliveries, seamless updates and world-class support.

Pride in our work

Captivate's functionality has been hand-crafted to be a pleasure to use, efficient to customise and powerful enough to solve real problems. We love our software. We're a small group of web aficionados, software wizards and marketing experts and we're proud to provide excellent service and support to our clients.

Our core job

We make it simple for you to export meaningful user data from your CRM, to do useful things with the data, and to automate the process. We strive to do that better than anyone else. Other automation platforms force you into using their entire suite and train for a whole new workflow. Some require you to customize your code. Some try to handle everything. We just focus on keeping your customers engaged. This is what sets us apart.

Expert guidance

We can take care of marketing strategy, design, coding, copywriting and all the technical stuff. We can help you plan and implement campaigns, create custom segmentation rules, integrate with your existing software systems and use metrics to refine your communications. Or we can get out of your way.

Get the most from us

We want your marketing to be effective. We want to make your job easier. We enjoy delving into our clients' operations, helping to solve the technical problems that are stifling your marketing opportunities.

You're safe with us

We're commited to the security and privacy of your data and that of your customers. We use 2-part encryption and work hard to take care of your data. Your peace of mind and your user's privacy is our priority.

We adjust to fit you

Other marketing automation services of this depth tie you to a particular CRM, CMS, EDM or ecommerce platform. We say you should be able to use whatever you want and use the best tool for each job. We transcend any particular software system and can adapt to fit in to your workflow. Better still, Captivate can be the glue between any number of powerful cloud-based apps and your user data.

Connected, integrated and powerful

We believe in the connective power of the web, we can customize Captivate to integrate with your other online tools. Extract relevant data from your database and use Captivate to manipulate it and send it on to other powerful apps, such as Mailchimp, Zapier, Xero, Basecamp, Harvest, Google docs and many more.

Tell us what you have in mind and we'll sort it out for you.

Let's captivate your audience

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